• Currently team Stream Team
  • Player age 25
  • Country United States

Quick Bio

I'm 25yrs old I've been gaming since i was 3years old. I'm a PC Gamer i built my first PC 2years ago i aim to make people laugh by being weird and goofy. I see all sides of the spectrum meaning i will stand in your shoes and mine.

More details

  • Mouse Steel Series
  • Headset HyperX Cloud 2
  • CPU Ryzen 7 2900K
  • Mouse Pad A big one
  • Keyboard Corsair RBG
  • Graphics Card Radeon 480 RX

Mouse: steelseries something Mouse Pad: a long one Keyboard: Corsair RBG Headset: HyperX Cloud II CPU: Ryzen 7 2900k 3.2ghz i think. GPU: Radeon 480 RX 8GB RAM: 16GB of 3200mhz DDR4