• Currently team Stream Team
  • Player age 23
  • Country United States
  • Ingame Role STREAMER

Quick Bio

I've played video games since a very young age, but my main and favorite game since 2008 is World of Warcraft, and I was in a top guild on my server in 2010-2012 (which i miss a bit, but no time now because my work schedule doesn't match with the normal world), which started my actual PC gaming obsession and pulled me away from console, and it's why I'm here today. The serious gaming had to take a break when I joined the military (out now), but I could still play a lot in my free time after the first 2 years.

More details

  • Mouse razer naga chroma mouse
  • Headset hyperX cloud 2 headset
  • CPU intel i5-6400 series
  • Keyboard razer blackwidow keyboard
  • Graphics Card MSI gtx1060

2 60hz 27" acer monitors (never play above 60 fps anyways), MSI gtx1060, msi b150m mobo, intel i5-6400 series, 8 gigs ddr4, 1tb hhd, rgb lights in case and desk for fancy touch, hyperX super EXTRA large mouse/keyboard pad, razer naga chroma mouse, razer blackwidow keyboard, hyperX cloud 2 headset, logitech camera